mardi 2 avril 2013

Post #2 : Small changes !

(I believe this is by Mark Twain)

Yesterday evening I spent a long time thinking about this blog, it's purpose and what changes I would have to make in my life to be able to post more and more. What you have to know is that I suffer from generalized anxiety, and changes can stress me out a lot, so I thought I would go with little steps, that in the long run, will hopefully make me more and more happy ! I'm also a huge negative thinker although I really try and change that, it can be hard sometimes to stay upbeat and positive when things go wrong for me. So I've decided to do these things every single day :

• Remember that it is okay to make mistakes, it's probably the best way to grow up, and it will happen no matter what. You can't be perfect. It is also okay not to do this everyday if you feel like crap.

• Take the time to do something for yourself, whether it is to give yourself a face mask, 10 minutes to read a book that you love, to have a walk outside, it can be anything really.. But just relax, and enjoy those few minutes (or hours if you wish/can).

• Also do something for someone else, whether it is to tell someone how beautiful they are, to help your parents with the cleaning, to give some money to a homeless person, help someone. Not only will that person be happy and grateful that you did what you did, but you will feel so much better about yourself as well !

• Do something new, for me today it was listening to a whole Tracy Chapman album which I never took the time to do before. It can be exploring somewhere new in your city, try to cook a meal you've never heard of before, dance in the middle of the street - be safe though -. Life goes by so fast, trust me I'm only 18 but I feel that already, don't waste your time, have fun !

• Never do something you could've done today, tomorrow, who knows if you'll be here to do it, just do it now !

• Smile more, it is proven that it makes you happier, it is also very often contagious and people around you will therefore tend to be more positive and happy as well !

I hope this can help you feel better too, I am going to explore a city near me tomorrow so I will try and come back very soon with another post, Have a nice day ! ♥

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